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About Purlew

Purlew Consulting was founded by Dr Alexander Carnes, an environmental engineer with over 15 years' experience. Alex has worked extensively as a consultant in the water industry, and has wide ranging expertise to bring to bear on all aspects of environmental management. He took his first degree in chemistry and biology, and has a PhD from the University of Glasgow in addition to undergraduate qualifications in archaeology. He takes a holistic view of the environment, in terms of what it is, how it develops, and its role in human affairs, from commercial, industrial, heritage, and leisure perspectives. Far from being a passive backdrop to society or a set of external problems, he advocates a view of the environment as something that people construct, and that in turn drives social development. In other words, it is part and parcel of society and the futures of the people whose lives — and livelihoods — are embedded in it. Alex's integrated approach to the environment is at the heart of Purlew's philosophy.