Generally, our services fall into the following categories: process engineering, especially wastewater applications (industrial and municipal); environmental and heritage management, including comprehensive advisory services; training and education; technical and PR-related copywriting associated with environmental and engineering projects, including brochure and poster design; and computer aided design services. At Purlew, we understand that each project is unique and so are its requirements, so please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Purlew, in association with its sister company Hitech BioReactors Ltd, offers a comprehensive range of engineering services to the water industry. These include:


M&E Estimating

Process Design

Project Management

Process Control and Operation


Process Testing



Computer Aided Design (CAD) services

Environment and Heritage

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Development of ameliorative strategies and management regimes

Cultural Heritage assessment

Advisory and boardroom services, on matters pertaining to all aspects of the ecological, visual, and heritage environment

Public Relations

Development of public relations strategy in relation to environmental issues

Authoring of educational materials

Authoring and delivery of public lectures and seminars

Graphic design and publishing (electronic and printed), including still photography

Advisory and boardroom services

Information Technology

Implementation of low carbon cloud computing solutions

Application of libre and open source software

Website design, especially for environmental, engineering, and heritage projects